Coding for Beginners

Uploading the Website

Validate Your Code

Before thinking to upload your website to the Internet, make sure to validate your code.

Validation is important as a quality assurance tool, ensuring that the elements you chose define the meaning of your content as closely as possible (i.e. semantic markup), and do not describe presentation.

It is recommended to use one of the following validators:

You can also validate your CSS rules by using this tool:
W3C – CSS Validation Service

Upload Your Code

There are two things that you should know about website management:

  1. Every website must have a domain name;
  2. In order to make your website accessible on the Internet, you must use a web hosting service.

To host your website you need to have a folder of the website that contains two files:
index.html which is the most common name used for the default (i.e. home) page.
style.css which is the visual design of the website.

Now upload your files to one of the following web hosting services, and make your website accessible for everyone: